Monday, February 25, 2013

NSSF Has Connecticut Firearms Employees Speak Up

The economic impacts of banning certain firearms and magazine capacities can be particularly destructive, and if certain legislators overlook the ramifications, then they should not be brought back for another term in office. This is just one point that should made clear to them in their decision on any possible legislation.

Whether it is on a nationwide or local level, there are thousands of companies that rely on the firearms industry and with unemployment at its current levels, their employees will not have an easy fall back plan in the event the products they manufacture are no longer allowed to be produced. Large investments have been made in order to develop the firearms targeted and it is not a simple matter of changing the targeted market. 

One has to wonder why certain manufacturers like Remington remain in states that have passed legislation  banning the products they make for purchase by their own residents. The video below, released today by the NSSF gives some insight from those companies currently in Connecticut that face further restrictions on the firearms and magazines that they sell including Stag Arms, ASC, and O.F. Mossberg.

Magpul and Berretta have already put their plans on the table in the event that their products face a ban in the state with which they reside. It will be interesting to see many other manufacturers will stand up in such a fashion, not just for economic reasons, but also as a means to stress the importance of our second amendment rights. The video put forth not only stresses why the companies want to remain where they are, but also helps educate those that may not be familiar with the firearms these manufacturers produce. 

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