Saturday, February 2, 2013

Modular Camouflage System: Ghillie on the Go

If you are familiar with a ghillie suit, then you will know that it utilizes surrounding vegetation along with synthetic inserts such as jute thread to help break up the outline of the human body and blend in with the surrounding environment, with the ultimate goal of concealing the end user. Now some innovative inventors from Utah are looking to patent a modular means of presenting a ghillie suit like platform on any clothing being worn. 

Modular Camouflage System Figure 1
The patent is officially titled "Systems and methods for providing modular camouflage" and is cumbersome as these things typically are in order to cover the bases on legalities. However, the concept is quite simple and smart in scope. Essentially you have elastic bands or other means of retention that can secure any vegetation or other ghillie style garnish to provide you with a three dimensional camouflage system for wherever you may roam and whatever you are wearing. What is intriguing is the variety of means to attach the retention accessories to your clothing. The Modular Camouflage System utilizes tack and clasp, magnets, hook and loop, button and hook, lacing, or straps of elastic. 

Modular Camouflage System Figure 6.

Further thought has been given to the integrity of clothing to hold up such coupling and retention systems. Backplate options are integrated as seen in the figure above to secure the retention and coupling mechanisms when the fabric platform is too flimsy to hold up the modular camouflage system on its own. While a hat typically has some form of rigid platform for attachment, a coat or pant has many areas that move too freely and may not easily secure the coupling devices. 

The retention device potentially combined with a backplate is ultimately what holds the camouflage material and could be attached to any item that needs to be concealed in addition to your standard clothing or uniform. They use rifle, backpack, and other hunting tools as examples including your dog. It is also notes that the materials utilized can carry their own camouflage patterns and textures to further  improve the overall effectiveness.

Clearly the Modular Camouflage System has a lot of crossover potential for military use and could allow for easy implementation of a ghillie suit without having a dedicated platform, rather mere accessories that can be tied into your standard uniform and personal equipment. MOLLE systems would have little issue with integrating the retention options given its inherent modularity. You can view the full patent text and imagery at:

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