Monday, February 4, 2013

Four Plate Carriers for AR500 Omega Armor

Beez Combat Systems introduced a plate carrier at the end of last year for the affordable steel AR500 Omega armor plates. They now have four designs to choose from including a Low Profile, MOLLE, Cumber, and MOLLE Elastic options. 

BCS AR500 Omega Armor Plate Carriers
All four options integrate the PC Pads at the front and back which BCS developed for Padding as well as spacing between the body and Plate Carrier to allow air flow to your chest and back.


The MOLLE Elastic version as seen in the photo below integrates a 4" elastic waist attachment system, which along with the new full Cumber version allows you to add side plate pockets. You also have the option to add padding at the shoulder straps for supplementary comfort. 

Beez Combat Systems Plate Carrier AR500 Omega Armor
TheTargetMan manufactures the steel AR500 Omega Plates which are half the thickness of ceramic and weigh in at just over seven pounds. They are coated to diminish spalling and you can see what that does for you in the video below. These plates can be ordered at with great pricing for the set. All of the BCS Plate Carrier Options seen here can be ordered online in MultiCam, A-TACS Camo, and other popular solid colors at

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