Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Former Military Top Brass Demand a Plan

If Gen. Stanley McChrystal wasn't enough for the gun grabbers, they have now dug up some Generals and Admirals who agree with at least part of the illogical rhetoric they are spewing. Apparently if you put military top brass on display stating guns only belong on the battlefield, criminals will jointly disarm and join in lock step with their agenda. Clearly this is a ploy to find someone that you may respect more than just some celebrity from the big screen. Or perhaps they are trying to play into the common fraud of putting military rifles and semi-automatic rifles on a level playing field based on aesthetics alone.

The important fact is, the politicians with the anti-2A agenda could only find four retired members of the military to go along with their demand a plan scheme, when in contrast there are plenty of servicemen and women that think there is already too much gun control. Keep writing your Representatives and Senators on the local and federal level. Remind them that in all respect to these Generals and Admirals, the 2nd Amendment is not up for debate no matter what your background may be. 

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