Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Congressman C.W. Bill Young Florida 13th Congressional District

Many politicians talk a good game when it comes to supporting the 2nd Amendment or utilizing firearms for self defense. Few have the first hand knowledge to know the importance of both. We found Congressman Bill Young's response to be one of the more refreshing given personal experience and brevity is always a virtue. 

January 28, 2013

Thank you for letting me know of your opposition to new legislation addressing firearm purchases and ownership after the horrific school shootings that recently took place in New England.

As you are well aware, on the morning of December 14th, a gunman in Newtown, Connecticut murdered his own mother before attacking Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 innocent young children and six adults.  As a father and a grandfather, I am disturbed by this senseless act of violence.  The victims and their families will remain in my prayers.

Some individuals in the media and in Washington believe this attack shows the need for new gun control policies. Like you, I too understand the importance of our Second Amendment rights.  As a gun owner myself, please know that I have and will continue to remain opposed to any measure which unduly restricts the individual's Second Amendment right to own and possess a firearm.  After having to defend my family and my home using a gun not once, but twice, I know all too well how important this right is to so many law abiding citizens throughout the country. 

We also have many laws already in place which should be adequately enforced against those who are irresponsible or criminal in their use of firearms.  Accordingly, it is important that we take a cautious approach to any new gun laws in order to ensure that the rights of individuals are appropriately balanced with the public safety of our communities, our schools, and our homes.  

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.  It is my hope that you will continue to share with me your thoughts on legislative issues important to you.  With best wishes and personal regards, I am

Bill Young
Member of Congress

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