Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colorado Magazine Ban HB 1224 Heads to House

The Denver Post reports that House Bill 1224 has passed the House Judiciary by a 7-4 vote and will go to the House floor to be voted on in what would effectively create a ban on manufacturing of magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. This certainly does not simply effect the rights of those that reside in the state of Colorado, but would be a huge blow to the owners of firearms across the nation.

We certainly hope that Magpul has an exit strategy in place, in the event that this bill becomes law of the land in Colorado. We have provided the bill below, which has since been amended to 15 instead of 10 round max on magazine capacity. Obviously they can manufacture such magazines and have already made moves to produce 10 and 20 round .223/5.56 mags, but we can't see that as a compromise they would want to make considering the demand for higher counts. Magazine manufacturing could be moved perhaps, but are you really going to stay in a state with such anti-2A "laws" on the books.

The current breakdown in the Colorado House of Representatives is 37 Democrats to 28 Republicans. If it were to go on to the Senate, the breakdown is 20 Democrats to 15 Republicans. Governor John Hickenlooper is a Democrat as well. This issue should not go along party lines, but as seen in the House Judiciary Vote, it did just that and it would be naive to think that the same thing couldn't happen down the line. Hopefully, there are plenty of cool heads on both sides to think clearly and vote in favor of honoring the United States Constitutions and the rights that it protects, rather than pander to misinformed ideologies on magazine capacity.

If you are a Colorado resident contact your district representative now through the following directory:

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