Friday, February 22, 2013

Ares Armor Tactical Training Sniper I and II Course

You see many firearms training organizations offering Carbine, Pistol, or AK beginner and advanced courses, however you don't as often see Sniper courses being offered to civilians outside of Law Enforcement. Ares Armor has now introduced a two level training system for tactical sniper training utilizing their expansive knowledge for marksmanship. 

The Sniper I course builds the fundamentals including historic background for the craft as well as other basic skill sets that you will need to develop. The Advanced Sniper II course requires prior experience with a marksmanship course and enhances and builds upon previous skills for shooting methods, the science behind it, and other in depth aspects to further your abilities as a Sniper. These are weekend long courses with the first Sniper I course kicking off March 1st followed by the Sniper II course starting three weeks later. View full details and pricing at

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