Friday, January 18, 2013

U.S. Palm New Kit, New Camo

We were excited to see one of the local manufacturers out of Scottsdale is bringing A-TACS AU on board for their nylon gear. U.S. Palm introduced several new pieces of kit for WarFighters on the move. 

The two packs introduced were the Draco Pack, and Griffon Every Day Carry pack, as well as a new M-PART Rig. Each of the packs can direct connect to any MOLLE webbing and have inserts for plates when worn without other armor.  The pockets ride high to ensure the armor is where you need it and not slouching at the bottom of the pack.

U.S. Palm Draco Pack
The Draco pack has a great feature with an integrated Hi-Vis cloth tucked away in case needed to self-identify. You can see it in the shot below hanging from the base of the pack, but with the Hi-Vis portion away from the shot. Keep an eye out for several of their products being available for order in the A-TACS AU Camo soon at

US Palm Griffon EDC Pack
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