Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Troy Defense PDW and PDW 14.5 Trunk Monkey

The PDW series from Troy Defense was prominently displayed and definitely got plenty of attention. The standard PDW looks to replace the 5.56mm Carbine and the 9mm MP5. The short PDW does not extend beyond your shoulders when worn across your body. Troy's Personal Defense weapon features a Medieval Flash Suppresor, Tritium folding sights, and Troy BattleAx 6 Position Buttstock, Proctor Sling, and a carry Backpack.  

Troy Defense PDW
Troy Defense also had the larger PDW 14.5", which they have dubbed the Trunk Monkey. It has a pinned flash suppressor to avoid the stamp and has the 11" rail including built in sights. It can come in 5.56mm or .300 Blackout and will have Black or Coyote Tan models.

Troy Defense  PDW 14.5 Trunk Monkey (bottom) and PDW (top) 
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