Saturday, January 26, 2013

Smart Fire Arms SF3 Negligent Discharge Trainer

Deep down in the depths of the Sands Convention Center back in the Crazy Cousin Corner of SHOT Show, we found Smart Fire Arms. We use the term appreciatively as this is where you can sometimes find some diamonds in the rough. Smart Fire Arms has a rep. that is shot out of a cannon and couldn't say enough good things about their product, nor do we blame him in terms of its simplicity. Probably one of the most memorable guys at SHOT after Lou Ferrigno. 

Smart Fire Arms SF3
The SF3 is a training device that has a sensor in the trigger guard that sounds off when your booger hook slips within its confines. Of course, if this is followed by a prompt fire signal (also present with the training system) then all is good. However, if you are lovingly caressing the no-no regions without due cause then someone should be in your ear. The concept is a K.I.S.S. design and makes perfect sense for its intended training purpose. View full details at

Smart Fire Arms SHOT Show 2013
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