Monday, January 14, 2013

Shooting the USFA ZIP .22LR

This was certainly one of the most interesting firearms for Media Day at the range. There are multiple manufacturers trying something new and United States Fire Arms is definitely going for the nifty factor with the ZIP .22LR. Whether it was miserable cold as one company rep. explained it or perhaps dusty conditions, the ZIP had very little to show in semi-automatic capabilities for the show piece being shot at their stall.

Lets say they had several failures to eject among other difficulties in shooting in general. Nonetheless, even if fully operational, there are some factors that are just plain awkward. From sticking your middle finger into the bottom loop for a good part of your grip, to loading the pistol by pushing a rod practically flush with the barrel. Attaching and dropping the magazine seemed like a task all on its own.

Shooting ZIP .22LR
We are not a gun review site nor do we want to become one, but this new "futuristic" innovation seems to have had a lot of thought put into it, with little in terms of providing a comfortable and easy to operate pistol. In the end you have a funky .22 with the opportunity to add a rail for optics or if you want to attach it to your rifle. Because, everyone needs a .22LR pistol attached to your AR. You can just see the smiles to be had by all in the photo above. Supposedly you can use a 25 round Ruger magazine, just don't try to do so at near freezing temperatures according to our experience.

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