Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shooting TrackingPoint PGR

TrackingPoint has received a lot of intrigue due to its ability to place a shot on target by taking some of the guess work and human error out of the equation. The concept is simple Tag your target, track its movement, and lock on to your previous tag with a trigger pull. The rifle fires itself once it is back on the tag. 

Shooting TrackingPoing Precision Guided System
We only shot it at a non-moving plate, but it definitely gets the job done at 1000 yards. However, the system was pre-calibrated for windage and other elements. Nonetheless this is a technology that can make the future of shooting quite interesting. The TrackingPoint PGR will soon be available in .300 WIN Mag with 190 and 220 grain, as well as .338 Lapua Magnum 190 Grain representing the XS3, XS2, and XS1 respectively. You can see the display as seen in the scope on the iPad below.

TrackingPoint Display
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