Saturday, January 5, 2013

Selecta DNA: Advanced Forensic Marking

In the land of several million CCTV surveillance cameras, an Orwellian dream emerges as SelectaDNA provides a High Velocity DNA Tagging system in pistol and rifle form. Essentially, any intended target can be shot with a pellet that tags the person with a synthetic DNA code that can later be indicated for potential prosecution. 

The Selecta DNA High Velocity Tagging System will be displayed by FlashFog Security at SHOT Show 2013. We have seen similar concepts utilized for enemy tracking, so it should be interesting to see any ethical arguments and court decisions that can arise from the use of such tagging systems. We provided the full flyer with specs below. FlashFog Security will be at booth #117. For more information visit
Selecta DNA High Velocity DNA Tagging System

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