Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sarsilmaz 3 in 1 Pistol Package

Probably better known as SAR Arms for its import operations into the US and abroad, the Turkish firearms manufacturer Sarsilmaz had their 3 in 1 pistol on hand at SHOT Show 2013. The complete package includes a universal frame and slider bedding along with three slights slides, three barrels,  and two 15 round magazine for  9 x 19mm, .40 S&W, and a .45 ACP. Essentially, you have a great conversion kit in one small package. 

Sarsilmaz 3 in 1 Pistol Package
Pricing is not yet available, but one rep from SARS Arms put the SAR 9 at around $400 retail and said that the SAR 45 and SAR 40 are around the same cost standing on their own, so using the power of math, one could guess that the total set would be well under $1200 given one universal frame among other interchangeable parts. Perhaps you can't make a decision on one caliber or simply want to kill three birds with three different calibers. Whatever the case may be SAR Arms will soon be bringing a great concept for getting a variety of bang for your buck.

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