Thursday, January 31, 2013

Minnesota House of Representatives Magazine Prohibition H.F. #242 & #243

A lot of states are doubling down on introducing legislation that moves in lock step with what select United Sates Senators have introduced in Congress on the Federal level. One of our readers has pointed out to us how Minnesota State politicians have taken it a step further by putting forth legislation to completely ban what they consider large capacity magazines of more than ten rounds. This does not include any grandfather clause for the magazines, so they must be altered permanently to only accept ten rounds or less, destroyed, or turned in. They effectively call this a prohibition on such magazines.

Furthermore they also introduced House Bill H.F. 243 that would have the same results, but limiting magazines to seven rounds or less. Clearly, they are doubling up in case their wildest dreams are not met. We provided the H.F. 242 bill below, blow it up for easy reading. The other bill is practically identical other than the capacity and was introduced a day later by the same authors. Minnesotans need to make sure that their local representatives have voters in their ears and that this does not go forward as an infringement on their 2nd Amendment rights. Further precedents can not be set,  which could lead to further states following suit in mirroring this type of legislation. We are sure DPMS Panther Arms and other local gun manufactures will not be pleased with possible developments of this nature.  

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