Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Minimalist Shoes go Chain Mail

The barefoot movement has been a relatively controversial move in the running community and the studies go back and forth as to the validity of the claim wearing less is more. Now some guys out of Germany called GoSt Barefoots are taking things to a whole different level with their PaleoBarefoots for off road running.

PaleoBarefoots PaleoPRONATIVE
Their latest incarnation is called the PaleoPRONATIV which is manufactured with stainless steel alloy wire creating 4 mm rings for chain mail mesh. Each ring is individually welded and moves on its own, providing a completely smooth mesh that promises a lifetime of use. The mesh also protects your foot from trail hazards as shown in the video below. It is noted by the company that this same chain mail seen in gloves worn in commercial operations by those who rely on their protection from sharp instruments utilized as well as end products. They also make these gloves as well.


The PaleoBarefoot shoes are intriguing in that they weigh in at 21 ounces and put a very think layer between your foot and the ground. The lacing system allows for a custom fit to your foot, though they do have individual sizing and the neoprene cuff comes with the shoe to protect your ankle when running.

Given the materials utilized, the cost is well over double the cost of popular running shoes, but this can obviously be rationalized by the long term use if they work out as you would hope. The big downside is not being able to utilize them on concrete or asphalt. Though if you are mostly a trail runner, then these would definitely be worth an indepth look. If not for the pure reason to put the FiveFingers fans to shame with your badassery footwear. You can view full details on all of their Barefoot Running shoes including the PaleoPRONATIVE at

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