Monday, January 21, 2013

Max Baucus United States Senator from Montana Responds

Our latest responds comes from United Senator Max Baucus from Montana. Its clear that some in Congress have a big shovel to bear. Contact your district representative and the Senators for your state. 


Thank you for expressing your views with me regarding gun control.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

Like every other parent in America, my heart is broken by the tragic shooting in Connecticut.  Mel and I continue to pray for the victims and their families.  This and other recent tragedies have raised serious questions about the culture of violence in our society - questions that deserve careful reflection on everything from access to mental health care to the video games our children play.

Many folks have been contacting me with their concerns about various pieces of legislation that would hamper an individual's right to keep and bear arms.  I support the constitutional rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners, and enforcing the laws on the books to protect people from violence.  As I reflect, I am listening carefully to my bosses in Montana, and it is clear that any national discussion on gun control must also take into account the values Montanans expect me to protect.

In the past, I have supported commonsense efforts to curb violence when those efforts have not infringed upon the rights of the American people to keep and bear arms.  Some of the proposals that I've supported include putting more police on the streets through the "COPS" program, and increasing funding for after-school programs and youth counseling.  We must be careful that efforts to prevent crime do not infringe upon the constitutional rights of sportsmen and women, and other law-abiding gun owners to purchase and use firearms.

Thanks again for getting in touch.  I also encourage you to visit my website at Baucus.Senate.Gov for current information on what I'm doing both here in Washington and at home to help Montana.  Please contact me with any additional comments or concerns.


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