Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magpul Responds to Grumbling

Apparently, Magpul is getting some response in the community at large that they are already looking for a fix to magazine limits and bans on adjustable buttstocks with their latest products released at SHOT Show 2013. Can't lie that the thought didn't glance the brain, but they also released a new AK grip and 25 Round LR PMAGS for Gen M3 7.62/.308 rifles. In the scheme of things they would be stupid to not plan, but as you can see below, their intentions are focusing on other aspects. 

OK folks...we appreciate the fervor, but the comments about caving are just plain silly. The 10 round and 20 round mags and the fixed carbine stock have been in the works for over a year. When we were working on the MOE fixed rifle, we envisioned a solution for a no-gunsmithing fix for those who want fixed stock rigidity and cheek weld in the lightest possible package that allowed a shorter LOP than using a rifle tube. The MOE fixed carbine stock is awesome for an SPR. The 10 and 20 fill needs for those with capacity restrictions for hunting and for bipod work. 

For the last time...MAKING MAGAZINES IS NOT HAMPERED BY MAKING OTHER THINGS. Magazine manufacturing is going full bore and expanding. We are shipping daily and working very hard to meet demand.

We're on your side, folks.

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  1. Restrict LE sales to the same limited round capacity that everyone else is subject to.