Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lucky Gunner Labs Brass Vs. Steel Ammo Test

Ahh! the age old argument as to save on cheap Russian steel or keep your rifle clean with Made in America Brass .223 Ammunition. Many rifle owners will wax poetic in forums about the capabilities of their rifle to chomp down steel with no troubles, while others are not so lucky to save or would never put that $h!^ through their firearm. Many people fall inbetween with their own personal preferences in mixing things up.

Brown Bear and Wolf Ammunition

While the answer may be clear to some, Lucky Gunner Labs puts four different types of popular ammunition to the test. Andrew Tuohy from Vuurwapen Blog lead the testing in Southern Arizona looking at malfunctions, cleanliness, accuracy, and feed rate. We have provided his summary video below. Take their data for what it is worth and make a personal decision on your next purchase or just buy whatever you can get your hands on in this market. You can see the comprehensive test at

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