Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knight's Armament 5.56 URX IV

A representative of VLTOR Weapon Systems said that there about ten different manufacturers at SHOT now utilizing their KEYMOD mounting system that they developed with Noveske. Knight's Armament Company has now released a continuous top rail system with the KEYMOD Mounting brackets. They have four different sized rails including an 8.5", 10", 13", and 14.5". They have their own IBN system mounting configuration that allows the rail to act as the barrel nut. 

Knights Armament URX IV
They have a wide range of KEYMOD accessories to go with the URX IV rail system including a barrier stop, belt hook, sling hook, micro front sight, rear 300m micro sight, sling mount, various sized slot rails, panel kits, railed risers, tumb rest, QD Bipold Mount Swivel, 45-Degree Offset Rail Mount, and more. In other words, they are covering the bases for accessories to fit in with the KEYMOD mounting system like we haven't seen yet, but there is always tomorrow. 

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