Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HyperStealth SHOT Show 2013

Guy Cramer was on hand representing his partnership with ADS Inc. for the US4CES camouflage submission in the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort. However, he has many irons in the fire, so some of his latest releases were of particular interest to us. His new print on demand Deceptex clothing line was on display at the Tac Wear Booth. Tac Wear manufacturers the uniforms once they are provided with the material. They are based out of Toronto and produce a wide range of military clothing. 

TAC Wear with HyperStealth Deceptex Camouflage
There were several different Deceptex patterns on display, which only gives a slight impression given the 500+ camo patterns HyperStealth offers from the camouflage line. The snow camo was quite interesting along with a some temperate patterns seen here.

HyperStealth Deceptex Camouflage Uniform

Deceptex Snow Camo
At the ADS Inc. Booth a tent was on display with the US4CES OCIE pattern and we got a look at the print on demand Cordura Nylon with the MCU Multi Terrain Pattern developed by HyperStealth for the New Zealand Defense Force.

NZDF Multi Terrain Camouflage
US4CES OCIE Camo Tent Cover
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