Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GunLab Covers VLTOR Weapons Systems

We have been doing a little catch up on Youtube, since SHOT Show and thought this was an intriguing look at VLTOR Weapons Systems. GunLab takes a look at some of the top products offered by VLTOR and start things off with the KeyMod system. The official count mentioned is 12 manufacturers offering the system on their hand guards. We covered just a few at SHOT Show, so you can just imagine what other companies have the KeyMod in the works.

Accuracy International Chassis System
There are also some other great tidbits to behold including the VLTOR lower receivers for semi-auto the PKM, the MilKor Semi-Auto Grenade Launcher, and the Steyr AUG receivers for the U.S. manufactured AUG A3-CQC rifles. Above is  shot we had't put out yet of the chassis system from Accuracy International that also integrates the KeyMod system.

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