Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congressman Matt Salmon Arizona 5th Congressional District Responds

Matt Salmon is another of our state's Representatives in Congress. We are still waiting for some responses from from Senator McCain and Flake, so if you happen to get one, send it our way. If you also live in Arizona, please contact your district rep. and our Senators with your own stance on the 2nd Amendment. 

Dear Mr...,

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns over the recent debate about gun control. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue. 

Our country is mourning the recent shocking and senseless murders in Aurora CO and Newtown CT by lone individuals seeking to do unspeakable harm to their fellow Americans. In response, it is natural for us as a country to reflect and try to identify solutions and policies that will ensure such horrific events never happen again. Unfortunately, those who have long-sought increased gun restrictions are using these tragedies to once again try and limit the constitutionally guaranteed rights of law abiding Americans to own and operate firearms. It is never more important to fight to protect the rights of individual citizens than in the wake of a tragedy that tempts us with easy "solutions" that limit the rights of all. 

As a gun owner and avid target shooter, I exercise my right as an American to keep and bear arms. I have enjoyed participating in various target shooting activities and value the safe-handling of firearms. I also believe that this natural, God-given right ought to be safeguarded as the Founding Fathers intended when they enshrined it in the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment exists as a bulwark against those who would deprive the American citizen of his life, his liberty, or his property. This is the essence of the Second Amendment. As a result, I remain very concerned about the Obama Administration's plan to implement gun ownership restrictions. As a result, I join millions of Americans who refuse to allow my rights to be limited because of the action of a few; that is not America. 

Going forward, I will stand as I have always stood, in the defense of all American's constitutional rights and I will continue to advocate for responsible firearm ownership and stand ready to defend against any encroachments on our right to bear arms. 

Thank you again for contacting me. As we take up debate on this important issue, I will certainly keep your thoughts in mind as we work on solutions that will protect our families. If you have any additional comments or questions, please feel free to contact me or my office. 


Matt Salmon
Member of Congress

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