Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 COLT Rifles

Colt hasn't had the best news this year and we just got wind that one of their executives Ret. Maj Gen. Battaglini has left Colt Defense for other ventures. However, we just viewed some of their 2013 offerings as seen at NASGW in a video released by Davidsons Gallery of Guns. The most striking new release is the popular COLT 6940 in A-TACS FG.

Colt M4 Commando
We already had seen a teaser regarding their use of A-TACS Camo, but did not know they would be offering both options right off the bat. They also have a great new option with a consumer version of the M4 Commando. We will report back from SHOT Show 2013 with anything else new we find on hand. 

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