Saturday, December 29, 2012

What They Don't Know Can Hurt You

American Preppers Network put out this infographic explaining the idiocy of a ban on magazines of any size. This does not take into account any issues you may have with magazines that carry a higher round count than others. Nonetheless it helps dispel the myth that so called "High Capacity Magazines" are more deadly than "Low Capacity Magazines". Perhaps the media thinks you can only carry one at a time. 

High Capacity Magazines: A Stupid Thing to Advocate Banning
In the scheme of things, the media and politicians are creating atmosphere through their own fervor  that is driving an increase in sales of these magazines.We don't like the delve into politics here, but this is a matter of inalienable rights and flawed logic that can impede them. 

The more magazines that are on the market, the harder it is going to be to police any ban or give any teeth to such a ban that has a "grandfather" clause. This is one issue the industry at large can address, but essentially the market is taking care of that for them and hopefully production can keep up. More importantly, contact your congressman to let them know your personal opinion on the matter. We will take the time to update you on our Facebook page on where you can obtain said magazines as we have in the past and when the opportunity presents itself. 

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