Monday, December 31, 2012

Target Deck Rings in the New Year!

Target Deck is the next volume in the Deckard Novel Series by Jack Murphy. You may have read  his work at SOFREP and KITUP! prior to that. We have covered his Promis Series as well as the first of the Deckard Novels called Reflexive Fire. We have be reading the teasers for Target Deck as they are released and are quite excited to pick up his latest fast paced combat fiction. 

Target Deck by Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy's latest work delves into the narco cartels and is definitely his most modern work with the continuing crisis in Mexico claiming tens of thousands of lives over the past five years. This book will certainly be one of personal interest given the close proximity and our personal interest in following the subject matter. The official launch is January 1st with pre-orders being delivered on the 2nd. Our preferred method is the Kindle version which you can download on any compatible device. Ordering is available online at:

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