Thursday, December 13, 2012

SpecOpShop Brings LANDCAMO to U.S.

We had first touched on Landcamo back in the Spring of this year with their ABD Wood Pattern followed by their new ABD SERE in the Summer. We are now excited to announce that they have developed a relationship with SpecOpShop for an exclusive offering of their patterns known as the American Battle Disruption Series (A.B.D.). This will include the ABD SERE pattern as well as four new selections for a wide range of options depending on the intended environment and season. 

LANDCAMO American Battle Disruption Series for SpecOpShop USA
Veteran owned SpecOpShop officially released the details on December 12th for the exclusive world rights to these Landcamo camouflage patterns. Their partnership with the Slovenian based camouflage design company will focus on providing these camouflage options to military and law enforcement for effective concealment. SpecOpShop will be launching a full line of Nylon Gear to feature the camouflage and will also be releasing their SOU cut uniform with the five modern patterns. 

SpecOpShop LANDCAMO ABD Alpine Camouflage
ABD SERE is currently being tested in Afghanistan by special operations forces and will be the first pattern available in the SOU cut uniform, which will come in 100% Ripstop Cotton. You can now be added to a waiting list to order any of the five patterns including ABD Jager, Gora, Alpine, and Mammut estimated to arrive by Spring of 2013. The first ABD SERE camouflage uniforms are slated to ship by early February.

SpecOpShop LANDCAMO ABD GORA Camouflage
SpecOpShop opened its doors two years ago in Houston, TX and is owned by Army Veteran, Kyle Finch. The company has enjoyed 2 years as a smaller boutique shop mostly well known for its bestselling product called the SOU (Special Operations Uniform).

SpecOpShop will uphold its promise to continue to make their products in the USA. The company alsointends to maintain its commitment to customer service and bring the best solution that they can to their widening base of customers. SpecOpShop also plans to open another brick and mortar in New Hampshire late spring of 2013. 

SpecOpShop LANDCAMO ABD Jager Camouflage
Get on the waiting list for the SOU in any of the Landcamo Patterns at:

For further information concerning LANDCAMO ABD Camouflage and ordering contact:

Kyle Finch
Office: 1-281-459-0070 Central Time

For the Research Development:

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