Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa's Wingman: Tis the Season

Apparently the the F-15E Strike Eagle gets the vote of confidence as the superior Wingman for protection against Santa being shot down by an RPG or MANPADS, while delivering toys to impoverished nations. Or at least these are the thoughts expressed in a tale by Master Sgt. Wallace from the 366th Fighter Wing. 

RPG Shoots Down Santa
Photo by US Air Force Master SGT Wallace
Terrorists would not bat an eye at using Rudolph's nose so bright as a glowing red target to home in on Santa's sleigh. However, there is already forethought given to protect Santa on a perilous journey. We thought it was worth a read if not for simply the critical thinking involved or perhaps to liven up pre-Christmas bedtime stories. Check out the full text at out at "RGP Shoots Down Santa"

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