Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roger's Custom Kydex Deep Cover Rig Holster

Just as the name implies, Roger's handcrafts custom Kydex holsters for a wide range of handguns. If you are looking for a Kydex Holster then they are going to get you what you need. Roger sent us out a Deep Cover Rig for a Ruger LCP. This holster provides a variety of means for Concealed Carry from IWB to Appendix carry. It is on piece and weighs practically nothing. There are two hole placements for you to customize the hook to your own ride height preference. 

Roger's Custom Kydex - Deep Cover Rig LCP
They sent us an open bottom version, but they can be made with a partially closed option. Open bottom allows you to carry similar firearms in the same holster. I personally just had my LCP for observational use over the past couple weeks. There are three belt options, they sent us the Concealment Belt Loop and the newest J-Hook. They also have a Tactical Belt Loop for thicker belts. As you can see in the photo below, the J-Hook provides a very minimalist attachment and the holster is about as low profile as you can get. 

Deep Cover Rig with J-Hook 
This was my first use of an appendix holster, so I really had no preconceived notions on how the holster should perform. What I found, was I could conceal carry with ease and comfort. The draw on the holster is simple and quick. The holster was worn daily and went unnoticed through the day with just a simple pull up for placement when sitting. 

Deep Cover Rig Concealed
Obviously if you are conceal carrying, you don't want to dick around with the holster a lot and the Deep Cover Rig had no problem staying in place or requiring you to constantly cover it with your shirt. I am known to not wear long shirts, so this could certainly be an issue. Especially, in Arizona where bulky layers are reserved for about 3 weeks out of the year.

Deep Cover Rig with Concealment Hook
The Deep Cover Rig is made with .080 Kydex and the hooks are a .125 Kydex. The design of the holster incorporates a channel so your gun does not rub up against the hardware holding the belt hooks in place. I preferred the Concealment Hook for a secure placement of the holster and the ability to be worn on shorts without a belt. The J-Hook is easier to don and doff and may be the perfect option for much larger guns presenting a larger bulge. In either case, you are going to have  concealment with a Made in the USA Kydex Holster at a great value. 

Deep Cover Rig Coyote Tan
Roger's Custom Kydex Carries a wide range of holsters for pistols, revolvers, as well as magazines for handguns and rifles. Given the customization of the holsters, you will have several options to choose as well as a large color selection including Black, Coyote, Pink, Hazard Orange, Gunmetal Grey, Desert Tan, Navy Blue, MultiCam, and Desert Digital Camouflage. To view Roger's full selection of holsters and for ordering visit: 

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