Monday, December 17, 2012

Quantum Stealth Technology U.S. Update

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. has been on a media blitz with their Quantum Stealth technology. We haven't really touched on it, since there was a lot of old news floating about, but now it has been released that the U.S. Government has been given the go ahead to move forward with developing the technology for potential use. HyperStealth is based out of Canada, so there is some issues in regard to sharing such a sensitive technology. 

It has been noted that ADS, Inc., which has already been working with HyperStealth and their founder, Guy Cramer on several other camouflage projects including Ghostex Kilo picked up by Afghanistan Forces, Multi Terrain Pattern selected by the New Zealand Defense Force, as well as US4CES, which is one of the final four family of patterns in consideration for the the U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort. We have seen limited commercial mention of the US4CES pattern yet despite other finalists licensing their patterns, but perhaps they have bigger fish to fry by taking on the Quantum Stealth project 

ADS, Inc. was selected due to their pre-existing relationship with HyperStealth and their ability as a U.S. based contracting entity. Clearly these are considerations given for domestic development of the concealment system. HyperStealth has reported that three members of the ADS team have clearance to observe the technology and we have been notified upon request that the technology would only be viewed by those with proper clearance within the military. Obviously this extends to those who privy to explaining how the technology works to those that need to know. For full details on Quantum Stealth visit ADS Inc. will be on hand for SHOT Show 2013 at Booth #20415 for   additional information on their camouflage solutions visit

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