Saturday, December 8, 2012

MultiCam Fabric Direct

Duro Industries has developed a one stop shop for all types of MultiCam Fabric. The website provides improved navigation and a great shopping cart feature to order a wide assortment of fabrics in the Crye Precision pattern among other popular color options. Each fabric option has an indepth description with all technical specification as well as pricing options. 

TenCate Defender M FR Fabric in MultiCam
Another great addition is the TenCate Defender M flame resistant fabric, which you can now order direct. Other great features include highlighted products in the MultiCam camouflage pattern from a wide range of industries. So, even if you are not out to manufacture a product in MultiCam, you still have the means to see some of the latest products available. While, Duro Industries had a great design before, we are excited to see a new clean and concise representation of all they have to offer with their finished fabric products. See the improved shop at

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