Thursday, December 6, 2012

MultiCam at Barneys

It comes as no surprise that there is a market for a Murse in MultiCam. In the scheme of things Barneys' flagship store is a little over 5 miles from the Crye Precision facilities in Brooklyn, so why not represent the hometown camo. Nick Wooster has developed four new haute couture designs in the MultiCam pattern as part of his "Want Les Essentiels De La Vie". In my broken French this possibly means Want the essentials of life. These words are the first thing to spring to mind when seeing a MultiCam Toiletry Bag. 

Special Edition Wooster Dulles Sport Bag
The Special Edition Wooster Dulles Sport Bag is probably the most palatable piece out of the collection with a classy look and what appears to be a fairly practical design. We won't bother discussing prices since all of the items are at Barneys. If your not will to plunk down the cash for anything in the store, then this would be hands off as well. We could certainly find a good alternative for our funds. 

MultiCam Murse
I personally don't understand the Murse or Commuter Bag as they like to call it, since a briefcase or pack can serve the purpose and prove more useful for large items. At least there is a ring to hang your pouch, since you won't be needing it. For what its worth, the camouflage and other color selection make  the Special Edition Wooster Heathrow Commuter Bag presentable. I guess guys carry these things and are accustomed to a mouthful when giving out the name of their man purse. 

MultiCam Wooster Kenyatta Toiletry Bag
Yep, $300 Toiletry Bag. Oh, that price thing, whatever. The name on this one should certainly get some odd glances.

$300 MultiCam IPAD Case
Conceivably you could pay more or just find a MultiCam IPAD case with one less zero, but then it wouldn't have the name of a Japanese city. I kid, this actually looks decent and they did integrate calfskin in the design, so at least that should piss of PETA in one way or more.

Apparently we can't enjoy the finer things in life in our daily pursuit to look fashionable, but at least we have the freedom to slap MultiCam on everything ever known to man. Everyone should own all of these products, get on board at

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