Thursday, December 13, 2012

Masterpiece Arms MPAR 556 Revealed

There was a lot lacking in the CAD shot that Masterpiece Arms released a couple months back for their entry into the AR genre. The final design for the MPAR 556 has features that match up with what they are known for and a fairly unique aesthetic to match. They have incorporated a fairly recognizable side charging handle and they have reverted back to a polymer butt stock perhaps to hit that sweet price point, but kept with the side folder concept.

MPAR 556
Masterpiece Arms can be misunderstood by many or have certain dislikes magnified, however their first AR platform rifle will certainly gain some extra looks at a very competitive price and some unique standard features. They now revealed that the rifle will have Picatinny rails segments that can be moved, Angled Forward Grip, and key components will have a phosphate / hard coat anodized. Other key components were covered in our original post. The rifle will be unveiled at SHOT Show 2013.   For further information visit:

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