Monday, December 10, 2012

LLARMS Battle Buggy

LLARMS has recently purchased a newly manufactured  black street legal dune buggy for daily commuting around town and are looking to turn some heads.  This baby goes up to 90MPH, is a 5 speed manual, AWD, and the best part is it gets 60 miles to the gallon. They are looking for a swanky design that will help advertise their brand. 

This is where you come in, swanky designer.  They are looking for an artistic type to provide them with a design. The winner will get "something", which is as far as they have gotten for said prize. The only stipulation is the LLARMS official logo must be a main center piece on both the left and right side of the battle buggy. We provided a photo of the base buggy below for your alteration if you do so choose to take on the challenge. 

LLARMS Battle Buggy Beginnings

Incorporating in other popular industry brand logos is par for the course, like the red Magpul logo for example.  Use your imagination! So far the best idea they could come up with was a urban digital camo pattern, but they decided to keep the dark color theme going.

Battle Buggy
Aside from the aforementioned prize your designs could be immortalized in their home town where your design will be seen by every motorist. For design submission contact

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