Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kryptek Yeti Camo Nivis Jacket Now Available

We were down at Cabela's today letting the kids visit Santa and grabbing some of the ammo deals along the way. Right as we passed through the main entrance we ran right into the Kryptek Outerwear, which are essentially the first products you see in the store. 

Nivis Jacket in Kryptek Yeti Camo
Front and center was the new Nivis Fleece Jacket in the Kryptek Yeti Pattern. As you can see it definitely stands out compared to the surrounding Highlander Camouflage and the popular competing digital hunting camouflage, which was in the same section. Pricing is actually very good all things considered. We found the Nivis Jacket in Yeti Camo with a special rate online at Cabela'

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