Monday, December 3, 2012

Get it While the Gettins Good

We are not trying to push gun sells or accessories for that matter. Frankly there is a mindset out there that is beyond our comprehension and past action dictates that an anti-gun ban of some sort is certainly possible. Obviously some celebrities take it upon themselves to broadcast their failed logic on gun control, which may exacerbate the issue. The numbers don't seem to add up in congress, but we wouldn't put it past a congressman to act on what may be politically expedient.

In the video below Barry and Eric from Moss Pawn expound on what five guns among other items e.g. magazines you should have in case of a ban. Many people already have these five firearms or some derivative along with plenty of ammo and magazines, so this is probably just preaching to the choir. At any rate, we thought it was better than some of the other half "hearted" attempts at putting out preparedness information. Obviously they sell guns and you can take that bias for what it is. Perhaps their recommendations are to be expected, but some sound logic is given on their choices to edumacate the masses. 

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