Thursday, December 20, 2012

Enhanced Combat Vehicle Coverall (eCVC)

If you have a design for a two piece FR uniform that can be converted to a coverall, then the Army wants you to submit your design in response to a Request for Information regarding an enhanced version of the iCVC. They want the new eCVC to be worn with the Army Combat Shirt and provide superior performance when dismounted. 

U.S. Army iCVC
Photo by PEO Soldier
Project Manager Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment wants the most modern materials providing superior performance for flame resistance, durability and comfort for intended conditions.  Perhaps this sounds familiar as they previously reached out for ideas on combining the iCVC and the A2CU. We will see if something gets done this time around or if they are just narrowing down the possibilities. View full requirements and further details for the RFI from PM-SCIE at

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