Saturday, December 1, 2012

Corpsman Assault System

The Marine Corps System Command, Program Manager for Infantry Combat Equipment has released a solicitation for a Corpsman Assault System (CAS) that has already been designed to be utilized in conjunction with the USMC Pack and Body Armor system. These are some pretty innovative designs and several of the closures and attachment systems will certainly draw some interest.

US Navy Hospital Corpsman in Sangin, Afghanistan
Photo by USMC Lance Cpl. Morrison
A variety of features for the different items include pocket panels with cord and barrel lock closures, direct connect MOLLE compatibility, detachable shoulder harnesses for the pack, and reversible pouches with button fastener for PALS or turned inside out and attached internally to the Medical Sustainment Bag and Assault Pack with a hook & loop attachment. The Medical Sustainment Bag is to attached to the Medical Assault Pack and in turn attached to the full USMC Main Pack.

CAS Medical Assault Pack - Medical Sustainment Bag
As part of the solicitation, CAD drawings are provided to show the complete design for each of the 13 pieces of kit that will make up the Corpsman Assault System. All aspects are shown in detail with little interpretation open for how the final product should be completed. However, the devil is in the details along with the capability of supplying at least 8,585 units of the complete Corpsman Assault System within 10 months of being awarded the contract.

CAS Triple Pocket Panel

The Corpsman Assault System in its entirety includes a Medical Assault Pack, Medical Sustainment Bag, Medical Thigh Rig, Modular Medical Pouch, Narc Pouch, Two Medium Pouches, Two Large Pouches, Two Small Reversible Pouches, Two Medium Reversivle Pouches, Two Elastic Panels, Double Pocket Panel, Triple Pocket Panel, and a Stacked Pocket Panel.

Medium Reversible Pouch

The total system will weigh under 11 pounds and for the most part be integrated into the main pack and bag of the system aside from the thigh rig and perhaps the modular medical pouch. However, the modular system can easily be deconstructed with different elements being attached to other load bearing equipment. For the full solicitation with thorough drawings and all elements of the Corpsman assault system visit

Medical Thigh Rig
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