Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brooks Brings the Goods

Brooks have been my mainstay running shoes for three years now covering thousands of miles. Their Adrenaline GTS series have done me well from model 8-12, with at least a dozen pairs being used up while pounding the pavement. They seemed to just get better with each new model except for the 9, which seemed to be lacking in comparison to the previous model which was extremely popular. 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13

After switching to the minimalist PureConnect shoes from Brooks, there was a departure from what seemed to be a much more heavier Adrenaline GTS. A short bout with plantar fasciitis led me back to a more traditional running shoe, but this time with the Brooks Ghost 5. These turned out to have a similar feel to the Adrenaline GTS, but lighter by more than half an ounce. Weight can be relative when it comes to running shoes, but once you become accustomed to a featherweight shoe, it is hard to go back to a clunker. 

Now Brooks has released their latest Adrenaline GTS 13, which has already been named the Editor's Choice by Runner's World Magazine for their Fall Shoe Guide. They have also released a complete update to their Pure Collection including the PureFlow below. I could care less what running shoes look like if they perform well, but at least Brooks is moving to offering options without bright or neon colors. If you are new to running or find your current option lacking, then Brooks is definitely worth a workout to see if they are right for your feet. For full specs on all the shoes mentioned visit

Brooks PureFlow 2
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