Friday, December 14, 2012

Attack of the Zombie Hippies

The Zombie genre has been exploited much to our chagrin, but to great effect for the industry as a whole. Radioactive derivatives of Neon green seem to be the common them for those looking to market the hype. However, some people figure out how to get it right when playing into the undead realm.

Attack of the Zombie Hippies is a compilation of some of our favorite writers in the industry. The forward written by HMFIC  at Soldier Systems Daily, truly represents why zombies are such a hit in the "Tactical" community. You will also find writing from Christian Lowe formerly of Kitup!, as well as their current rabble rouser David Reeder. In total it is a whose who of top notch guys  and gals contributing a compendium of tactical knowledge and pure zombie entertainment. Proceeds are provided to the Independence Fund which supports wounded veterans. Check it out now at: or on your Kindle device.

Attack of the Zombie Hippies
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