Friday, November 9, 2012

UW Gear Covers Prototype PenCott GreenZone Uniform

We have been covering PenCott Camouflage over the past couple of years and we were quite excited to have two prototype ACU cut uniform show up in PenCott Badlands and SandStorm a while back, so we could see the effectiveness out here in Arizona. UW Gear has the same style uniform in PenCott GreenZone and provided a thorough overview in the Video below.

PenCott GreenZone Camouflage ACU
We will have more coverage on the other patterns one we have had a through drubbing in a couple different environments here. Other gear is also in the works utilizing the camouflage and we will keep you up to date once finalized. UW Gear offers some great chest rigs and magazine pouches in the PenCott Patterns, as well as other modern military camo patterns. Check them out at

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