Saturday, November 10, 2012

U.S. Army Seeking Modular Tactical Holster

The Army has released a request for information seeking a Modular Tactical Holster (MTH) with advanced modularity to be worn in just about every position you can imagine for the M9 Pistol. More specifically, they would like the the MTH to be worn on the thigh, hip, underarm w/ shoulder harness, as well as mounted on body armor or other standard issued load bearing equipment. They also want the attachment points to have the capability of being pre-attached for quick movement of the holster from one position to another. 

Coalition Forces on ANSF Led Patrol
Photo by USMC SGT Thibodeau
Essentially the Army is looking for a versatile holster mounting system that meets the position preference of a mobile soldier whether mounted or on foot. As with many other RFIs of this nature, there are several criteria that must be met to comply with the capabilities they are seeking, which can be viewed in their entirety at

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