Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Task Force CB British Paratrooper

Last month we showed some of the handiwork from Task Force CB with the military clothing and gear produced in 1/6 scale utilizing the British MTP Pattern. The guys over at LandCamo shared some more of the extreme attention to detail paid by Task Force CB with these photos of a Paratrooper outfitted with all of the necessary equipment and sporting the British Desert DPM camouflage pattern. 

Task Force CB British Paratrooper
While we are not collectors in our own right, we can appreciate craftsmanship when we see it combined with carrying over one's expertise from their own experience through service to their country. You can see in these shots that all the bases were covered in representing the wide variety of gear required. 

Task Force CB 1/6 Scale British Paratropper
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