Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Surge for the Right Reasons

We like to keep a good arsenal on hand and you can never have enough ammo, however the latest election results should not lead to breaking the bank to stock up on rifles, pistols, and high capacity magazines. The simple matter here is that the Republicans secured control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is so closely divided that no legislation will make its way to the Executive Office to be signed into law. Other detriments could certainly play out over the next four years, but in the near term Congress is on the side of the 2nd Amendment.

Now don't get us wrong, if you were looking to purchase ten guns a month for all of 2013, then so be it. However, don't break out your wallet blindly in anticipation of an impending "AWB" or to make a huge profit on pricing being driven up. The latter may apply given a increased perception that anti-gun legislation is a possibility as has been seen shortly after the 2008 election, however the House of Representatives and Senate were controlled by Democrats at the time.

In the grand scheme of things we think firearms sales will not stagnate or drop precipitously  after any initial surge simply for the growing awareness and increasing popularity among different demographics. This can certainly be said for women among others not stereo-typically tied to gun ownership for self defense, training, hunting, or a general evening of the playing field. 

The improved gun climate on television, growing magazine media, and dominance of online media have shown that the shared interest to embrace the right to bare arms is not waning and if anything gaining awareness from those legislators that realize it is a detriment to introduce any legislation that impedes these rights. In fact there has been a lot of growth in support for the cause of concealed carry, silencers, magazine capacity for hunting, and other firearms related legislation on the State level. Granted there are certainly those pariah states who don't fully grasp the second amendment, but these are well known instances that need to be contained. A move to Arizona or other "friendly" states can solve a lot of problems. 

Perhaps the firearms industry will not be too happy with this assessment given the possibilities for huge profits from a surge in sales from concern of a new AWB. However the general trend of increased gun ownership should far outweigh the hopes of banking on short term fear. Personally we have much to gain from a surge in sales of firearms, but an honest assessment is to stay vigilant, stay vigilant, support the NRA, NSSF, and others fighting the good fight to protect the second amendment. 

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