Sunday, November 18, 2012

SORD Ammo Wallet

The ammo wallet keeps twenty 7.62/.308 rounds individually placed in elastic loop. Another simplistic concept from S.O.R.D. that can prove quite useful for organizing extra stored ammo. We can see this product easily tucked in a large pouch, cargo pocket, or pack. The Ammo Wallet is definitely a great option for hunting the two or four legged variety of animals, especially if you still have magazine restrictions for hunting in your state. 

The tri-fold design allows for compact stowage. These Ammo Wallet is currently available through SORD Australia. If demand permits, we are sure they will come stateside as well. Available color options include SBC, DPCU, A-TACS AU, and MultiCam as seen here. 

SORD Ammo Wallet 
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