Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shoot with Snake Hound Machine

If you live in New England or happen to be visiting, then you have the perfect opportunity to shoot with our friends from Snake Hound Machine. This Sunday, November 25th, they will be holding the Thankstaking Shoot with Down Range Firearms Training at the Londonderry Fish and Game Club in Lichfield, New Hampshire. Shooting starts at 10:00 AM, so plan accordingly. They will have a wide range of AK/AR rifles in semi and full-auto along with SBR's, and some shooting with silencers. Ammo will be on hand for purchase and be sure to bring a sack lunch and some warm clothing, since outdoor ranges are subject to their surrounding elements. 

Snake Hound Machine Shoot
This shindig will be for guests of Snake Hound Machine only, so register today in order to get in on the action. The sign up cost is $50 with free shipping. You still have to get yourself down there. It will be a full day of shooting till the sun goes down. If you have seen the firearms they have built, then you will know, it will be well worth the experience. Get on board at

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