Monday, November 12, 2012

Russia Today: Kalashnikov In Depth

If you knew little about the AK-47 other than the simplistic comparisons seen in AR-15 versus show downs, then this video from Russia Today will give you a quick primer on the Kalashnikov  rifle, which are further growing in popularity in the US. We have now seen them up for sale at the big box stores and it won't take long before models will show up down at Wally World, if they have not already in some regions. It is tough times for Izhmash and other Russian weapon manufacturers, so they can use all the help they can get in hyping the reliability of their weapons which is apparent in some of the generalizations made for its popularity abroad. 

AK-104 Rifle
No matter what your personal preferences may be, this is a great overview of one of the most demonized weapons in history. We can honestly claim ignorance on the fact that the Mozambique flag incorporated a Hoe and AK, certainly more dramatic than a hammer and sickel nor did we know it had a deep British accent. These little tidbits along with more technical aspects for the history, testing, and development of the Kalashnikov make this video worth a once over. 

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