Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roggenwolf Warg 5U Camouflage SCU Sneak Peek

When we last discussed the latest ventures from Roggenwolf, they had come off the New Zealand Camouflage Effort as the Runner Up with their Ryewolf R2 Pattern. They now have the new Warg 5U Camouflage pattern, which utilizes the same color palette, but with their Warg Pattern offering an overall better aesthetic.

Roggenwolf Warg 5U 
Roggenwolf has provided these photos giving a glimpse of the Warg 5U pattern, which were taken at the Royal National Park south of Sydney, Australia. The Park encompasses several types of terrain, including temperate woodland, temperate rain forest and temperate shrub land. These were simply candid shots as a quick test of the pattern's effectiveness, which they were happy to see that the camouflage works quite well. 

Roggenwolf Warg 5U Up Close
The shirt and pant in this photo set were manufactured based on the Australian Defence Force SCU ("Standard Combat Uniform") cut. The cut-and-sew was done by Tuffa Workwear Pty Ltd (TUFFA), which is based in Melbourne. 

Roggenwolf Warg 5U at Royal National Park
The three photos above were taken on a foggy morning during a partial solar eclipse. The photos below were take at the same park, but in with less light and just the shirt being worn.

Warg 5U Camouflage SCU
We are looking forward to seeing more up close shots of the pattern and in different settings. The Ryewolf R2 pattern proved well under testing, so a Warg pattern utilizing the same color palette, but a more palatable aesthetic will be quite an intriguing option to consider for commercial production. For more information and contact details visit:

Roggenwolf Camouflage Warg 5U
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