Sunday, November 25, 2012

Roggenwolf Warg 5-U Field Shots

We received another set of great field shots of the Roggenwolf Warg 5-U camouflage. The pattern is quite intriguing in the given environment and one focal point from these shots is the Dwimor effect utilized in the pattern, which makes the camouflage out of focus to the human eye with the intention of avoiding detection. This can be easily seen in some of the closer shots by comparing the pattern, which creates a blurred uniform relative to the surrounding environment. 

Roggenwolf Warg-5U SCU Field Shots
At a greater distance the Dwimor effect combined with the overall pattern and chosen colorway provides for a highly effective camouflage. In plain site you can see the contrast between the highly recognizable solid colored hat against the uniform. 

Roggenwolf Warg 5U Camouflage
Many camouflage option have clearly recognizable patterns and elements that can be quickly defined, Roggenwolf looks to develop concealment that is difficult to view period. We provided the Warg 5U sample below, so you can decide for yourself. 

Roggenwolf Warg 5U Sample
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