Thursday, November 29, 2012

Potomac Field Gear ADCS TGL Review

Our friends over at The Gear Locker got their hands on the Advanced Combat Shirt, Gen II from Potomac Field Gear. We have provided their full review of the innovative flame resistant ADCS below.

Potomac Field Shirt ADCS
There are a ton of combat shirts on the market these days. They all offer basically the same thing: a garment that can be worn under body armor that will allow the user not to overheat in hot temperatures.  Potomac Field Gear has placed a twist on your standard Combat Shirt, with their Advanced Combat Shirt, Gen II (ADCS).  And, The Gear Locker was lucky enough to get our hands on the Combat Shirt in their Sand color pattern.

What Potomac Field Gear (PFG) has done is added a mesh inner layer on the upper torso and back area (from the base of the rib cage up into the mandarin collar).  They have gone with a 3D Spiral mesh, which will assist with:
  • Better Combat Load Distribution 
  • Improved Thermal Regulation in all temperature ranges
  • 30% increase in survivability from back-face deformation
  • And, you may be asking how does the mesh do this? Because the mesh creates a layer of separation between the torso and the body armor, you will have better air flow and decrease chaffing from gear, slings, etc.
The Advanced Protective Fabric™  that is used to construct the ADCS is packed with its own features:
  • The material is FR (Fire Resistant)
  • It helps with Moisture wicking and cooling
  • Anti-Odor and Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Static
  • UV Protection
When you don the Combat Shirt, you will notice that the zipper goes 1/2 down the shirt. This is to help with airflow on the super hot days out on the range, or the field.  To my knowledge, it is the only Combat Shirt that has a zipper that goes that far down the torso.

On the Left Arm, you have your shoulder pocket (7.5″ wide x 8″ tall x 1.75″ deep) with the zipper on the inside, so it make it easy to reach across with your right hand to open the pocket. The face of the pocket is completely covered with Velcro.  It is interesting that they used two 2×2 rows of velcro and sewed them together.  There is enough Velcro for any ID, Morale, or Team patch.

The Elbow  area also utilizes the 3D Mesh and is removable (along with the Torso Mesh). And, the forearm has a pocket for two pens/pencils/small objects. It is placed on the inside of the forearm for ease of access. And finally, the wrist has a Velcro Closure.

The only difference on the right arm, is the you have 3 individual pieces of Velcro (Name, Rank, Unit Patch) and the forearm pouch is missing.

The material itself is very soft. I would compare it to a jersey material, it feels like a T-Shirt.  The arms are also soft in feel, but appear to be made up of a beefier material.Care and maintenance is very simple, you can throw the ADCS in the wash, and that includes the Mesh Spacer Pads.I am sure, you are asking about the feel of the ADCS.  It feels good when wearing it. The 3D Mesh Panels do take some time to get used to, and you may have to readjust some gear if you run it very tight to the body.

You can tell that you are wearing a Combat Shirt with inserts, especially in the collar area. If you lean your head forward, you can rest your chin on the collar.  I have not noticed any decrease in my range of motion, but I do feel “larger” as the ADCS adds some additional bulk from the 3D Mesh Panels.  I would recommend that you test fit your gear once you have it on.  You may need to resize your gear, depending on how snug you are running it.

The ADCS retails for $339.99 and is available in XS to 3X.  It currently has the following colors available: Day Desert, Desert MARPAT, Multicam, Woodland, UCP and Sand.  You can order the length to be Small, Medium, or Long, and if you do not want the mesh inserts, you can elect to order the ADCS without them .You can also check out this video of the ADCS.

We were also given Potomac Field Gear’s Lightweight Balaclava.  The Balaclava is made up of the same material as the ADCS  and is one of the more comfortable Balaclavas that I have worn. It is approved for on-duty use by the USMC and weights in at 4 ounces.  It is a nice, lightweght Balaclava that can be worn when the weather is very hot.

Potomac Field Gear Light Weight Balacava
Potomac Field Gear has come up with some very interesting products to help our war fighters on many levels.  If you are looking for a Combat Shirt, or face protection, I would add PFG to your list of candidates. For online ordering visit Check out all military clothing and gear reviews from TGL at

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